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Pulsar is a relatively modern company and the Pulsar brand was first introduced in 2008. They were forerunners of the night vision industry and are still right at the front of the global night vision industry for both indoor and outdoor security.

Pulsar Optics History

In 1991 a group of engineers started manufacturing wooden spotting scopes in a basement in what was the USSR (now Belarus). This team of dedicated engineers struggled in the early days but persevered because they had a dream. In 1998 they combined with a team of Americans from Mansfield, Texas. The following year, they produced their first night vision device, a generation one monocular. Closely followed by a generation one binocular. These were among the very first to use multiple settings in infrared and the first to ever incorporate a dual IR system.

In 2001 they introduced a generation one night vision rifle scope, plus a titanium housed night vision riflescope, the first for non-military use. The following year saw the start of gen 2 and gen 3 production in Mansfield, Texas. This allowed members of the general public access to military grade night vision gen 2 and gen 3 riflescopes.

In 2003 the company introduced the first multitasking night vision device for non-military usage, many years before anyone else. The following year they introduced the first successful digital night vision optic which was a far better product than any other company could produce at this time. Incidentally, this research and development is ongoing and one of the reasons Pulsar is still a world leader in the night vision industry to this day.

By 2005 Pulsar had 70% of the world gen one market including the supply of parts and components to some of the major optics companies. In the next 3 years the company brand-Pulsar was created as a trademark.

In 2009 the Pulsar trademark officially launched in Europe and unveiled the Digisight digital night vision riflescope at IWA in Europe and SHOT show in The U.S. Since its introduction, the Digisight has been continuously improved upon and is still recognised as the best performing digital riflescope ever produced. The Digisight is packed with unique features, for instance, it was the first scope with one-shot zero, the first scope with an inview menu system, first to use a remote activation pad, first scope to use battery packs, the list goes on.

In this same year, Pulsar and Sellmark formed a strategic partnership to create an official presence in The USA. In 2011 production of thermal night vision began with the introduction of the first quantum thermal series. In 2012 Pulsar developed the DFA forward which is a unit that can be attached to the front of a conventional day scope converting it into a powerful night vision scope that requires no zeroing. The following year saw the introduction of the Pulsar Digisight LRF, the first night vision optic with a built-in rangefinder.

In 2014 Pulsar introduced the Apex, which includes a thermal iris algorithm for enhanced detection recognition. In 2015 they introduced the Core which is a dual purpose rifle scope come monocular which can be used as a monocular or attached to a rifle to become a thermal night vision scope.

Their latest innovation first released in 2017 is integrated video and WIFI technology with their thermal and night vision optics. This makes live-streaming and multi-purpose activities simple to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pulsar Optics any good?

Pulsar Optics are at the forefront of night vision and thermal technology supplying products and components to many of the top brands in the world.

Where is Pulsar Optics  based?

Pulsar is based in Belarus, Lithuania and Texas, US.

Are there any Pulsar Optics dealers near me?

Yes, although we do not have a physical shop near you, we at Binocular Base have Pulsar Optics products for sale online with free delivery across the entire UK, which means you can order Pulsar Optics products from us today and get it delivered direct to your door 100% free.

How much do Pulsar Optics products cost?

Pulsar Optics products cost anywhere from £100.00 to £5,000.00, depending on the specific product you decide to buy.