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  1. 4% commission on all sales
    Which is higher than most other companies offer! Plus, you’ll get your 4% commission even if they buy a different product from the one you recommended!
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    Once you become an affiliate with us, it’s super easy to create your affiliate links and track your clicks and conversions.
  5. We’re not a faceless conglomerate
    We’re a real business based in Essex (England). Not a great big company that couldn’t care less about their customers
  6. Most products come with a lifetime guarantee
    All of our products, excluding Night Vision and Thermal Imaging products, come with a no-nonsense lifetime guarantee, which means you can feel good about promoting our products
  7. We don’t sell cheap rubbish
    All of our products are hand picked by our expert team to ensure our lifetime guarantee doesn’t come back to bite us! So you never have to worry about promoting a bad product to the people who follow you, and we don’t get many customers sending products back for returns!

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This Affiliate Program Is Perfect For:

Birdwatchers, Travel bloggers, Hiking enthusiasts, Stargazers, Sightseers, Theatregoers, Sporting events and more!

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