Media Kit

Binocular Base High res logo
Dark Blue = #10151d
Lighter Dark Blue = #1b2633
Light Gray = #f9f9f9
White = #ffffff
Orange = #f5b460
Red = #9e1e30
Font: Arial

Logo & Usage Guidelines

Our logo symbolises trust, reliability, and authority in the binoculars industry. It is crucial that the logo is displayed correctly to maintain the integrity and recognition of the Binocular Base brand.

Logo Composition

The Binocular Base logo features a stylised pair of binoculars, followed by the brand name “Binocular Base” (presented as two words).

Logo Colors

The primary version of the Binocular Base logo is in #10151d, ensuring bold visibility and brand consistency across various platforms. The logo also comes in an alternative white (#FFFFFF) version for use on dark or busy backgrounds.

Binocular Base High res logo

Dark Blue Version (Primary)
HEX: #10151d
RGB: 16, 21, 29

Binocular Base high res logo white

Logo Protection Zone

To maintain clarity and impact, the logo must be surrounded by a clear space. This ‘protection zone’ ensures that no text, imagery, or other graphical elements infringe upon the logo’s visibility.

The minimum clear space around the logo should be at least 15px.

Logo Placement

While there are no strict rules regarding the logo’s horizontal or vertical alignment, it is essential to ensure that its placement is visually balanced and harmonious with other elements on the medium it appears. The logo should always be positioned in a manner that maximises brand visibility and recognition.

Logo Sizes

The Binocular Base logo should be scaled proportionally to maintain its aspect ratio. The logo must be clearly visible and legible in all applications.

Logo Files for Use

The Binocular Base logo is provided in the following formats:

  • SVG for digital and scalable applications
  • PNG for general web use with a transparent background

Usage of the Logo

The Binocular Base logo is a fundamental asset and should be used responsibly and consistently.

Alterations to the color, proportion, or design of the logo are strictly prohibited without prior approval from the Binocular Base branding team.