Birds Tapping On Windows Here's Why

Birds Tapping On Windows? Here’s Why…

The main reason birds tap on windows is because they see their own reflections and attack what they perceive as another bird trying to muscle in on their territory. This is not a major problem as soon they will have to get busy with nest building and rearing their young. A more serious problem is birds who fly straight into windows because of the reflection of the greenery that they see in the glass.

They think they are going to continue on their wayward journey and BAM! They collide with the glass at full pelt. This causes the death of many birds, some of course do recover, but many break their necks. According to An American survey in 2014 around one billion birds die from flying into windows every year.

A Sign Of Impending Doom Or Good Fortune?

In many superstitions birds tapping or even flying into windows are a sign of bad luck or even death. While other superstitions state that a bird tapping or flying into your window is a sign of good luck coming your way (though it wasn’t lucky for the bird with the headache). We believe it is a sign to do something to prevent birds tapping on your windows, or tapping the glass. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

The Top Reasons Birds Tap On Windows

  1. Seeing Their Own Reflection And Trying To Protect Their Territory
  2. Trying To Catch Spiders Living On Window Frames
  3. Trying To Remove Putty From Windows (It Smells Of Fish Oils)

How To Prevent Birds Tapping On Windows

There are a number of ways to try to stop birds from either tapping on or flying into windows and patio doors. Some appear to be more effective than others but it all depends on how much you are prepared to put up with seeing on a daily basis. Some deterrents to prevent birds from tapping or colliding with windows include:

  • Placing An Image Of A Bird Of Prey In The Window
  • Hanging A Suncatcher Or Dreamcatcher In The Window
  • Hanging Lengths Of String Outside From Above The Window
  • Add Interior Vertical Blinds With The Slats Half Open
  • Add An External Sunshade To The Wall Above The Window
  • Install Insect Screens To Outside Of Windows
  • Suspend Small Mesh Netting 3 Inches From The Glass
  • Apply Oneway Transparent Film To The Window
  • Applying Stickers With U/V Reflective Signs (Visible Only To Birds)
  • Allowing Windows To Accumulate Dirt
  • Placing A Fake Owl Above The Window

Birds Most Likely To Tap On Windows In The UK

When we think of aggressive birds fighting over their territory the first bird that comes to mind is the robin. But robins are more likely to strike a pose on a high post or branch and sing out a warning than to fly straight into an affray. This makes them the least likely offenders, much more likely are members of the tit family.

Blue tits, coal tits and great tits will often be seen pecking at putty in old window frames, this is because it smells of fish oils. To prevent this, the easiest solution is to cover the putty with masking tape, but this will only work as a short term measure. To prevent this from happening long term, replace the putty using synthetic putty.

Blue tits are also most likely to be the culprits of aggressive behaviour against window reflections too.

Birds Flying Into Windows

This is a growing problem and as the countryside becomes more and more overrun with housing and commercial building developments it will become more widespread. To help prevent birds from flying into windows we all need to be aware of the risk and apply some of the preventative measures above. Many of the ideas above can be purchased from RSPB shops online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do birds tap their beaks on windows?

Birds often tap their beaks on windows because they see their own reflections and try to protect their territory from intruders.

Is a bird hitting the window An omen?

A bird hitting the window is seen in some superstitions to be a bad omen sometimes even signs of impending death. Other superstitions say that birds hitting the window is a sign of good fortune.

Does a fake owl keep birds away?

Strategically placing a fake owl can keep birds away.