Garden Warbler

Garden Warbler

Scientific name: Sylvia borin

Did you know: The Garden Warbler, a modest yet melodious songbird, can blend seamlessly into its surroundings, making it a delightful challenge for keen birdwatchers to spot!

What Do Garden Warblers Look Like? (How to Identify Them)

Garden Warblers are inconspicuous birds that have a uniform appearance, lacking distinctive features. They have grey-brown upper parts, paler underparts, and a round head. 

Their beaks are short and black, and they have grey legs and a white eye-ring. Despite their plain looks, these birds are a delight to identify thanks to their subtle beauty.

Differences Between Male And Female Garden Warblers

Male and female Garden Warblers are remarkably similar in appearance, both bearing the same grey-brown plumage with lighter underparts. This uniformity extends throughout the year, as these birds do not undergo seasonal plumage changes.

What Do Garden Warblers Eat?

The Garden Warblers have a varied diet, feeding on insects like caterpillars, flies, and spiders during the season they breed. As autumn approaches, they shift to berries and fruits, with figs being a particular favourite, especially when preparing for migration.

Where Do Garden Warblers Live? (Including Migration Info)

Garden Warblers are summer visitors to the UK, predominantly residing in woodlands, thickets, and scrublands. While not typically garden birds, they are often found in mature gardens adjacent to wooded areas. 

They are strong migrants, spending the winter months in sub-Saharan Africa.

Bird Calls & Songs (The Unique Voices of Garden Warblers)

The Garden Warbler’s song is its most distinctive feature. It’s a melodious, fluid warble, similar to the Blackcap but more mellow and continuous. Their alarm call is a sharp ‘chek-chek’, used to signal danger or disturbances near their nests.

Fun Garden Warbler Facts (Kid Friendly)

  • Garden Warblers can sing non-stop for over an hour.
  • They are expert hiders, often heard before they’re seen.
  • Juvenile Garden Warblers are entirely black when they hatch.
  • These birds travel thousands of miles to Africa every winter.
  • Garden Warblers love figs and often feed on them before migration.
  • They are capable of hiding their nests so well that they are rarely seen by humans.

Garden Warbler Video

Facts About The Garden Warbler

Diet: Insects and berries.
Bird Family: Warblers
Length: 14cm
Wingspan: 20-24.5cm
Weight: 16-22g
Scientific Name: Sylvia borin

The Garden Warbler Can Be Seen In The UK During The Following Months

  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October

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