What Is EXO Barrier Protection In Binoculars

What Is “EXO Barrier Protection” In Binoculars?

Exploring the great outdoors or observing distant scenes becomes effortless and more enjoyable with the right gear. This is where Bushnell binoculars that come equipped with EXO Barrier Protection come into play, enhancing your viewing experience to another degree. But what does it even do?

The EXO Barrier Protection is a coating technology developed by leading optics manufacturer Bushnell. It provides an ultra-slick coating on the exterior lenses of the binoculars, making it able to have an improved design that repels water, resists fog, blocks dirt and oil, and even protects the lenses from scratches. This means that you’ll have more time to enjoy unobstructed views, without having to clean your binos as much. 

Let’s have a closer look into this state-of-the-art design.

What We Love About It

EXO Barrier Protection

Here are the reasons why the EXO Barrier Protection is a must-have feature you’ll certainly find useful: 

Uninterrupted Clarity In All Weather

EXO Barrier Protection ensures that rain, fog, or mist won’t spoil your view. The innovative coating repels water, allowing droplets to bead up and roll right off the surface. 

This means clearer, crisper images even when the weather is less than perfect, making these binoculars ideal for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts who venture out in all conditions.

Resilient Against Smudges And Dirt

The ultra-slick coating on the lenses not only repels water but also oil and dirt. Forget constant cleaning – these lenses stay pristine, significantly reducing maintenance and enhancing your viewing pleasure. 

This feature is especially beneficial for travellers and adventurers who are often on the move in dusty or muddy environments.

Enhanced Durability For Rugged Use

The EXO Barrier not only protects against the elements but also guards your lenses against scratches and abrasions. Whether it’s a hike through rugged terrain or an accidental brush against rocks, your binoculars are equipped to handle it all. 

This added durability ensures that your investment remains in top-notch condition for years!

Fog-Proof Viewing For Seamless Observations

Changes in temperature and humidity can lead to fogged lenses, obstructing your vision at critical moments. 

With EXO Barrier Protection, fogging is significantly reduced, ensuring that sudden temperature shifts don’t interrupt your visual experience. Whether you’re up in the chilly mountains or in steamy rainforests, expect nothing but clear, unobstructed views.

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