Zeiss Victory SF 8×42 Close Focus Binoculars


Zeiss Victory SF 8×42 offers unmatched clarity with 92% light transmission and a unique seven-lens eyepiece, ensuring vivid details in any light, all in a lightweight, robust frame for enduring comfort.

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Experience the world like never before with the Zeiss Victory SF 8×42 Close Focus binoculars.

Engineered with premium optics, these binoculars deliver breathtaking, high-contrast images that bring nature’s beauty into sharp focus.

See With Exceptional Clarity And Detail

Featuring advanced ZEISS Ultra-FL lens technology, the Victory SF binoculars minimise chromatic aberration for crystal-clear definition, even at the edges.

The 8x magnification and 42mm objective lenses provide a remarkably wide 148m field of view at 1000m, allowing you to take in more of the environment around you.

With a 92% light transmission rate and a 5.3mm exit pupil, you’ll observe intricate details in low light conditions or distant landscapes.

They also boast a close focus of just 1.5 metres and an advanced seven-lens eyepiece, making sure you appreciate the finest details around you.

Whether you’re monitoring urban wildlife from the comfort of your home or tracking animals in the wilderness, these binos bring nature’s details into sharp focus for every observer.

Specially Designed For Comfort And Durability

Weighing just 780g, the Victory SF binoculars are exceptionally lightweight and well-balanced, reducing fatigue during long viewing sessions.

The ergonomic, non-slip grip ensures a secure, comfortable hold, so you can focus on the wonders unfolding before you.

The balanced weight distribution and ergonomic design of these binos make them easy to hold, ensuring comfortable and steady observations during long periods

Built to withstand the elements, these binoculars are nitrogen-purged and waterproof up to 400 mbar. They are also fog-proof, ensuring reliable performance in any weather condition.

With LotuTec lens coatings, they repel water, oil and dirt for a crystal-clear view in any condition. Their 18mm eye relief and dioptre adjustment range of +4/-4 diopters will  accommodate every user, even eyeglass wearers.

Ready For Every Adventure

Whether you’re watching birds in flight or observing the subtle movements of distant wildlife, these binoculars are your gateway to extraordinary encounters.

The Zeiss Victory SF 8×42 is more than just an optical instrument; it’s your ticket to experiencing the untamed beauty of the world in unmatched clarity and comfort. Order yours today!

Additional information

Weight 0.78 kg
Dimensions 17.3 cm






Nitrogen Filling


Field of View

148m @ 1000m

Water Resistance

Yes, 400 mbar

Lens Coating

LotuTec, T*

Diopter Adjustment Range

DAR: +4 |-4 dpt

Functional Temperature

FT: -30 | +63 °C

Pupil Distance

55 – 76mm

Lens Type


Eye Relief


Twilight Factors


Field of View (Apparent)


Exit Pupil


Close Focus


The most versatile Premium Binoculars from ZEISS
For those with a passion for the outdoors, ZEISS VICTORY SF binoculars are the exceptional choice. Experience every spectacle nature has to offer with brilliant optics and an unparalleled wide-angle field of view. The ergonomic, ultra-light design makes these the most versatile premium all-purpose binoculars ever built by ZEISS.

8×42 stands for a maximum overview and fascinating, high contrast images. With a field of view of 148m /1000m, the 8x magnification offers the widest, most natural view. The seven-lens eyepiece delivers extremely sharp focus all the way to the edges. At moderate magnification, it enables long observations with unparalleled steady images. The balanced weight distribution and ergonomic grip make these binoculars easy to hold, ensuring no bird or game goes unseen. A transmission rate of 92% and large exit pupil measuring over 5 mm reveal details even in dark shadows or the dim light of dusk. See and experience more of nature with the ZEISS VICTORY SF 8×42 binoculars.

Key Points

  • Newly developed Ultra-FL lens
  • The most ergonomic in its class
  • Top quality workmanship
  • ErgoBalance-Concept
  • Unparalleled wide-angle field of view