Zeiss Victory SF 10×42 Full Size Binoculars


Discover every detail with Zeiss Victory SF 10×42 Binoculars, equipped with superior light transmission, a revolutionary wide-field view, and precision focus, ensuring you never miss a moment in the great outdoors.

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See the world around you in breathtaking detail with the Zeiss Victory SF 10×42 Full Size Binoculars.

Engineered to transform your outdoor adventures, these binoculars offer a stunningly clear, wide-angle field of view that brings you closer to nature’s most captivating moments.

Whether it’s the early morning dance of birds or a distant herd on the move, experience brilliance in every view with our advanced optics.

Precision At Close Quarters

Achieve an intimate connection with nature without having to step a foot closer.

With an ability to focus down to an impressive 1.5 metres, you can explore every detail of nearby flora and fauna in larger-than-life quality.

This close focus capability is perfect for observing the subtle nuances of wildlife and intricate natural patterns.

Enhanced by the revolutionary Ultra-FL lens type and an optimal 18mm eye relief, the Zeiss Victory SF binoculars deliver unparalleled clarity and comfort.

The generous field of view, combined with a high twilight factor of 20.5, ensures vivid images even in low light conditions, from dusk till dawn.

Designed For The Avid Explorer

Weighing just 780 grams and crafted with an ultra-light, ergonomic design, the Zeiss Victory SF binoculars ensure effortless handling and all-day comfort.

Their balanced weight distribution and easy-grip surface allow for prolonged observation without strain, even at the full 10x magnification.

These binos are the perfect partner for your most ambitious nature explorations.

Superior Performance, Whatever The Weather

Prepare to brave the elements with confidence. 

These binoculars are not only waterproof up to 400 mbar, they also feature a nitrogen filling to prevent internal fogging in sudden temperature changes.

With the LotuTec and T* lens coatings, raindrops bead up and roll right off, ensuring clear views, even in challenging weather conditions.

The Zeiss Victory SF 10×42 Binoculars are designed to withstand even the toughest environmental conditions, from a chilling -30°C to a blistering +63°C.

Get Your Own Zeiss’ Premium Binoculars

Embrace your passion for both the beauty of indoors and outdoors with Zeiss Victory SF binoculars.

Whether you’re scanning the skies from your city balcony or searching for constellations in a remote dark sky park, these binoculars will deliver stellar clarity for both casual stargazers and avid constellation watchers.

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Additional information

Weight 0.78 kg
Dimensions 17.3 cm






Nitrogen Filling


Field of View

120m @ 1000m

Water Resistance

Yes, 400 mbar

Lens Coating

LotuTec, T*

Diopter Adjustment Range

DAR: +4 |-4 dpt

Functional Temperature

FT: -30 | +63 °C

Pupil Distance

55 – 76mm

Lens Type


Eye Relief


Twilight Factors


Field of View (Apparent)


Exit Pupil


Close Focus


For those with a passion for the outdoors, ZEISS VICTORY SF binoculars are the exceptional choice. Experience every spectacle nature has to offer with brilliant optics and an unparalleled wide-angle field of view. The ergonomic, ultra-light design makes these the most versatile premium all-purpose binoculars ever built by ZEISS.

The 10×42 model provides maximum detail recognition and is perfectly suited for thrilling observations at long distances. The 120m / 1000m field of view with 10x magnification is like a dream come true for nature enthusiasts, allowing you to feel closer to the action than ever before. The close range of 1.5m allows for impressive, larger-than-life views. With optimal weight distribution and an ergonomic grip, you can enjoy countless hours of comfortable, steady observation, even when viewing at 10x magnification. See nature with unparalleled precision and in crystal clear detail.

Key Points

  • Newly developed Ultra-FL lens
  • Unparalleled wide-angle field of view
  • The most ergonomic in its class
  • ErgoBalance-Concept
  • Top quality workmanship The most versatile Premium Binoculars from ZEISS