Zeiss Victory RF 8×54 Rangefinder Binoculars


Unleash the power of precision with Zeiss Victory RF 8×54, featuring a high-performance laser rangefinder and real-time ballistics for unmatched accuracy, even in twilight conditions.

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Experience unparalleled accuracy with the Zeiss Victory RF 8×54 Roof Prism Binoculars.

Equipped with a cutting-edge laser rangefinder and real-time ballistics computer, every aspect of your environment is considered to ensure your shots hit the mark every time.

Pair it with the ZEISS Hunting App for tailored real-time data and shot precision that adapts to any distance.

See Clearly, Even In The Twilight

The Zeiss Victory RF 8×54 shines, even in twilight conditions.

With a substantial 54mm objective lens and high twilight factors, these binoculars excel in low light, capturing clear, detailed images when you need them most.

Whether at dawn or dusk, your vision will remain uncompromised.

With a measuring range of up to 2,300 metres and accuracy within 1 metre, the Victory RF binoculars are engineered for reliability.

Quick target acquisition is facilitated by a laser with minimal beam divergence, and measurements are delivered in less than 0.3 seconds.

Lightweight, Yet Powerful

Weighing just 1.095 kg and boasting compact dimensions, the Zeiss Victory is a titan in a sleek package.

Easy to carry on any expedition, these binoculars do not compromise on power or functionality, ensuring they are always an asset rather than a burden.

Unwavering Clarity In Any Condition

Prepare to be impressed by the crisp, vibrant visuals provided by FL lenses coupled with LotuTec and T* coating that repels water and resists scratches.

From rainy excursions to dusty trails, your view will surely remain pristine.

Plus, the binoculars are nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging and are robustly built to withstand up to 400 mbar of water pressure. The functional temperature range of -25 to +63 °C guarantees performance in virtually any climate.

Invest In Excellence

Zeiss Victory RF 8×54 Binoculars are not just a tool, but a game-changing ally in your adventures.

With every feature designed to offer unparalleled accuracy and ease, backed by the reliability of a renowned manufacturer, stepping up your game has never been easier.

Make your next outdoor adventure one for the records – choose Zeiss Victory RF and experience views like never before.

Additional information

Weight 1.095 kg
Dimensions 19.5 cm






Nitrogen Filling


Field of View

120m @ 1000m

Water Resistance

Yes, 400 mbar

Lens Coating

LotuTec, T*

Diopter Adjustment Range

DAR: +3 | -3 dpt

Functional Temperature

FT: -25 | +63 °C

Pupil Distance

58.5 – 76mm

Lens Type


Eye Relief


Twilight Factors


Exit Pupil


Close Focus



1 x 3V Type CR 2

Laser Wave Length


Battery Life at 20°C to 25°C


Measuring Accuracy at


Measuring Range

15 – 2,300m

Beam Divergence

1,6 x 0,5 mrad

Measuring Accuracy in m


Measuring Accuracy in %


Measuring Time

< 0.3 Sec

A new level of shooting accuracy
The Victory Rangefinder System is a laser rangefinder with an integrated real-time ballistics computer. The consideration of all relevant factors and customisation with the aid of the ZEISS Hunting App ensure precisely placed shots at any distance.

The new models Victory RF 8×42 and 10×42 are primarily made for daylight applications and Victory RF 8×54 and 10×54 are suitable for twilight situations.

ZEISS Hunting App
The App for today´s hunters
The versatile functions of the ZEISS Hunting App have already established it as an invaluable hunting companion.
The revised version is compatible with the ZEISS Victor Rangefinder System and allows the transfer of a wide range of data stored in the ballistics computer to the Victory Rangefinder. https://www.zeiss.co.uk/sports-optics/en_gb/hunting/experience/zeiss-hunting-app.html

Key Points

  • Integrated real-time ballistics computer
  • Measuring within seconds
  • For twilight situations
  • Bluetooth synchronisation with ZEISS Hunting App