Zeiss Victory RF 8×42 Rangefinder Binoculars


Elevate your nature encounters with the Zeiss Victory RF 8×42 Binoculars. Integrated with a precise laser rangefinder and a real-time ballistics computer, these binoculars are tailored for both vibrant daylight views and challenging weather conditions.

This product comes with our unique lifetime guarantee


Discover a world where precision meets nature with the Zeiss Victory RF 8×42 Binoculars, engineered to transform your outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re tracking wildlife or aligning the perfect shot, the integrated Victory Rangefinder System offers unparalleled accuracy, thanks to its advanced laser rangefinder and real-time ballistics computer.

Prepare to experience the outdoors like never before!

Get A Clearer View Into The Wild

Every detail matters in the great outdoors, and the Zeiss Victory RF binoculars will certainly bring you satisfaction.

Specially designed for daylight use with an impressive 135m field of view at 1000m, these binoculars bring the world closer to you.

The FL lenses, coated with LotuTec and T* coatings, ensure brilliant visual clarity and optimal light transmission, reducing glare and enhancing contrast for a viewing experience that’s as vivid as nature itself.

Binos Designed For The Elements

Adventure without limits. 

These robust binoculars are not only lightweight at just 895 grams, but are built to withstand the most challenging weather conditions.

Nitrogen filling prevents internal fogging, while their impressive water resistance up to 400 mbar means rain or shine, your view remains crystal clear.

From freezing cold to scorching heat, they perform flawlessly between -25°C and +63°C.

Experience Effortless Operation

Enhance your hunting prowess with technology at your service. The Zeiss Hunting App integration via Bluetooth syncs seamlessly with your binoculars, allowing for the transfer of vital data directly to your view.

With the ability to make precise measurements in less than 0.3 seconds over distances from 15 to 2,300 metres, you’re equipped to make every shot count, every time.

When using binos, ease of use is important. With a generous 17mm eye relief and a close focus of just 2.5 metres, you can observe the finest details of nearby flora and fauna or the subtle movements of distant wildlife.

Get Lifetime Reliability

Invest with confidence in the Zeiss Victory RF 8×42 Roof Prism Binoculars, backed by renowned German engineering. These binoculars are not just tools but a gateway to enhancing your outdoor experiences, ensuring reliability and satisfaction for years to come.

Order now and step into a new era of outdoor exploration where clarity, precision, and ruggedness go hand in hand.

Additional information

Weight 0.895 kg
Dimensions 16.6 cm






Nitrogen Filling


Field of View

135m @ 1000m

Water Resistance

Yes, 400 mbar

Lens Coating

LotuTec, T*

Diopter Adjustment Range

DAR: +3 | -3 dpt

Functional Temperature

FT: -25 | +63 °C

Pupil Distance

53.5 – 76mm

Lens Type


Eye Relief


Twilight Factors


Exit Pupil


Close Focus



1 x 3V Type CR 2

Laser Wave Length


Battery Life at 20°C to 25°C


Measuring Accuracy at


Measuring Range

15 – 2,300m

Beam Divergence

1,6 x 0,5 mrad

Measuring Accuracy in m


Measuring Accuracy in %


Measuring Time

< 0.3 Sec

A new level of shooting accuracy
The Victory Rangefinder System is a laser rangefinder with an integrated real-time ballistics computer. The consideration of all relevant factors and customisation with the aid of the ZEISS Hunting App ensure precisely placed shots at any distance.

The new models Victory RF 8×42 and 10×42 are primarily made for daylight applications and Victory RF 8×54 and 10×54 are suitable for twilight situations.

ZEISS Hunting App
The App for today´s hunters
The versatile functions of the ZEISS Hunting App have already established it as an invaluable hunting companion.
The revised version is compatible with the ZEISS Victor Rangefinder System and allows the transfer of a wide range of data stored in the ballistics computer to the Victory Rangefinder. https://www.zeiss.co.uk/sports-optics/en_gb/hunting/experience/zeiss-hunting-app.html

Key Points

  • Integrated real-time ballistics computer
  • Measuring within seconds
  • For daylight applications
  • Bluetooth synchronisation with ZEISS Hunting App