Zeiss Terra ED 8×32 Gray Lightweight Binoculars


Discover nature’s finest with Zeiss Terra ED 8×32 Gray Binoculars, boasting SCHOTT ED glass for supreme clarity, a hydrophobic multi-coating for all-weather vision, and a lightweight, rugged design for relentless explorers.

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See the world in great detail with the Zeiss Terra ED 8×32 Gray Binoculars, where every scene bursts with clarity.

Equipped with SCHOTT ED glass and an innovative hydrophobic multi-coating, these binoculars offer 88% light transmission, ensuring vibrant, high-contrast images.

Whether it’s the subtle twitch of a distant bird or the vibrant hues of a sunset, you’ll catch every moment in stunning detail.

Effortless Precision At Your Fingertips

The Zeiss Terra ED features a large, smooth focus wheel positioned perfectly for your index finger, making it remarkably easy to bring your subject into sharp focus instantly.

It’s not just about seeing the action – it’s about being fully immersed in it.

With a magnification power of 8x and an effective lens diameter of 32 mm, every view is a visual feast.

The expansive field of view (135 m at 1000 m) and a wide subjective viewing angle of 61° allow you to appreciate broad landscapes with the same ease as spotting meticulous details in nature.

Designed For The Rugged Outdoors

Constructed for the adventurer in you, these binoculars are fortified with a waterproof, glass-fibre reinforced casing that stands up to any challenge.

Lightweight, yet impressively durable, these bins are ready for any escapade. From rainy treks through the woods to dusty climbs up trails, these binoculars handle it all with ease.

The Zeiss Terra ED thrives in all weather conditions, thanks to its hydrophobic anti-reflective coating. This technology not only enhances image quality in low-light scenarios but also repels water and residue from your viewing path.

Enjoy uninterrupted, crisp views, rain or shine.

Compact Companion For Every Journey

Weighing just 510 grams and compact in design (12.5 × 11.7 cm), these binoculars are the perfect size for any trip.

Easy to store and even easier to carry, they fit comfortably in your hand, providing a steady view without the bulk.

Designed to deliver a lifetime of reliable performance, the Zeiss Terra ED 8×32 Gray Lightweight Binoculars are surely an investment you’ll always be glad to have made. Order yours today!

Additional information

Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 11.7 cm






Effective Lens Diameter

32 mm

Light Transmission


Exit Pupil Diameter

4.0 mm

Twilight Factors


Field of View

135 m (405 ft) @ 1,000 m (yds)

Subjective Viewing Angle


Diopter Adjustment Range

− 3.0 | + 3.0 dpt

Exit Pupil Distance

16.5 mm

Pupil Distance

56 – 74 mm

Lens Type


Prism System


LotuTec | Nitrogen filled

+ | +

Water Resistance

100 mbar

Operating Temperature

− 15°C | + 60°C (+ 5°F | + 140°F)

Close Focus


ZEISS Terra® ED binoculars are robust, reliable and easy to use. Their state-of-the-art and sleek design makes them not only light but comfortably compact. The highest optical precision and the hydrophobic multicoating guarantee brilliant images down to the very last detail. The Terra ED binoculars are waterproof and nitrogen-filled, making them rough and ready. Terra ED binoculars are excellent value for money, making them the perfect entry into the world of ZEISS.

The ZEISS Terra ED 8×32 guarantees razor-sharp images thanks to its precise focus mechanism and 8x magnification, even when the image is only fleeting. With its compact size and weighing just 510 g, it’s a comfortable fit for your hand. With a nearly indestructible casing and its excellent ergonomics, the Terra ED 8×32 is the perfect all-round solution for every use.

88% Light Transmission

SCHOTT ED glass with a hydrophobic multi-coating provides optical clarity and precision in all situations.

Comfortable, fast focusing

The large, smooth and easy-to-grip focus wheel makes focusing particularly easy and, most of all, quick on a ZEISS Terra ED. You’ll notice the advantages of Terra ED binoculars as soon as you pick them up: your index finger automatically lands on the focusing wheel. You’ll never again need to think about how you hold the binoculars when something exciting suddenly happens in front of you. In next to no time, you’ll have it sharply in focus.

Compact, light and robust

With its its waterproof casing reinforced with glass fibers, the ZEISS Terra ED satisfies the high standards of nature lovers. The construction is compact, light and robust. Light-weight, easy to fit into any bag and nearly indestructible, the ZEISS Terra ED is the perfect companion.

A clear view, whatever the weather

ZEISS hydrophobic anti-reflective coating is a guarantee of brilliant, high-contrast images which you will experience above all in adverse light conditions. Additionally, it enables a clear and unhindered view in all weather conditions thanks to its water-repellent characteristics.

Key Points

  • 8x Magnification
  • 88% Light Transmission
  • Comfortable, fast focusing
  • Compact, light and robust