Yellow-Browed Warbler

Yellow-Browed Warbler

Scientific name: Phylloscopus inornatus

Did you know: The Yellow-browed Warbler, a small and vibrant bird, undertakes a remarkable migration each year from Siberia to the UK, travelling thousands of kilometres!

What Do Yellow-browed Warblers Look Like? (how to identify them)

Yellow-browed Warblers are delightful little birds, easily identified by their distinct features. They are similar in size to a Goldcrest, measuring about 9 to 10.5 cm in length and weighing around 7g. Their upperparts are a blend of brown, grey, green, and white, with their most striking feature being a yellow ‘eyebrow’ stripe. 

This bird’s underparts are predominantly white, adding to its charming appearance.

Differences Between Male And Female Yellow-browed Warblers

Male and female Yellow-browed Warblers are remarkably similar in appearance, making it challenging to distinguish between them based solely on external features. Both sexes share the same colouration and markings, including the characteristic yellow ‘eyebrow.’

What Do Yellow-browed Warblers Eat?

These warblers have a diet primarily consisting of insects. They are active foragers, constantly in motion as they seek out their next meal among the foliage.

Where Do Yellow-browed Warblers Live? (inc. migration info)

Yellow-browed Warblers are native to the Siberian taiga forests, but they are also known for their impressive migration. Every year, they travel southwest, with many arriving in the UK. They are commonly found in woodland environments, as well as urban and suburban areas during their migration. 

Interestingly, their migration route has evolved over the years, with increasing numbers wintering in western Europe, particularly in the UK.

Bird Calls & Songs (the unique voices of Yellow-browed Warblers)

The Yellow-browed Warbler’s call is as distinctive as its appearance. It has a high-pitched, medley of whistles, and a piercing, often disyllabic “tseeweest” call that is surprisingly loud for such a small bird. This call is an excellent way to identify them, especially as they are often hidden among leaves.

Fun Yellow-browed Warbler Facts (kid friendly)

  • Yellow-browed Warblers travel thousands of kilometres each year from Siberia to the UK.
  • They are similar in size to a Goldcrest, one of the UK’s smallest birds.
  • Despite their small size, they have a loud and distinctive call.
  • These warblers love to eat insects and are always on the move looking for food.
  • They can be seen in the UK mainly from September to November.
  • These birds are so adventurous that they sometimes join flocks with other bird species.
  • Their unique ‘eyebrow’ makes them one of the easiest warblers to identify.

Facts About The Yellow-Browed Warbler

Diet: Insects.
Bird Family: Warblers
Length: 10cm
Weight: 7g
Scientific Name: Phylloscopus inornatus

The Yellow-Browed Warbler Can Be Seen In The UK During The Following Months

  • September
  • October
  • November

Yellow-Browed Warbler Images

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