Male Golden Oriole

Golden Oriole

Scientific name: Oriolus oriolus

Did you know: The Golden Oriole, a vibrant songbird, has been affectionately named after its melodious and golden-toned song!

What Do Golden Orioles Look Like? (How to Identify Them)

Golden Orioles are a spectacle of nature with their striking yellow and black plumage. The males are particularly dazzling with bright yellow bodies and contrasting black wings. 

Females, however, are more subdued in colour, displaying greenish hues. These elusive birds are often found high in the tree canopy, making them a delightful challenge for birdwatchers.

Differences Between Male And Female Golden Orioles

Distinguishing between the sexes of Golden Orioles is quite straightforward. The males boast a vibrant yellow with black wings, while the females wear a more understated greenish-yellow coat, blending seamlessly with the leaves.

What Do Golden Orioles Eat?

These birds have a varied diet, primarily feasting on insects and berries. They adeptly use their beaks to forage in crevices and pick out their prey, shifting to fruits and berries as the breeding season concludes.

Where Do Golden Orioles Live? (Including Migration Info)

Golden Orioles grace various landscapes across their range. 

In Western Europe, they prefer open broadleaf forests and orchards, while in Eastern Europe, they might inhabit mixed or coniferous forests. 

These birds are migratory, spending summers in Europe and winters in central and southern Africa. Their migration is quite the spectacle, often occurring at night but also visible during the day in spring.

Bird Calls & Songs (The Unique Voices of Golden Orioles)

The Golden Oriole’s song is as golden as its plumage – a melodious and fluting whistle, often heard at dawn. Their call, a distinct “kweeaahk,” is harsher, but their song is a series of lyrical whistles, making them a joy to listen to.

Fun Golden Oriole Facts (Kid Friendly)

  • Golden Orioles can live up to 10 years in the wild.
  • They often sing in duets, with the female responding to the male’s melody.
  • These birds are experts at camouflage, especially the females and juveniles.
  • They prefer to build their nests high in trees, near water sources.
  • Despite their bright colours, they can be quite hard to spot!
  • Golden Orioles used to breed in Great Britain, with the last confirmed breeding in 2009.

Golden Oriole Video

Facts About The Golden Oriole

Diet: Insects and berries.
Bird Family: Orioles
Length: 24cm
Wingspan: 44-47cm
Weight: 56-79g
Scientific Name: Oriolus oriolus

The Golden Oriole Can Be Seen In The UK During The Following Months

  • May
  • June

Golden Oriole Images

Male Golden Oriole Male
Female Golden Oriole Female
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Golden Oriole Nestling Nestling
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